ICE CUBES 2018 | Saturday June 23rd + Sunday June 24th

The coolest boulder event!

Unfortunately we have decided to also skip the Ice Cubes for 2018. We still have to much work with the new bar, and finishing al our extensions and projects to organize a proper ICE CUBES. 
We're very sad about this but we couldn't see how we would organise a quality event such as the Ice Cubes.

We will however organize a double edition of our local fun competition: Cubism summer edition on saturday the 23rd.
Our biggest and fattest bouldering event is back. Last year we skipped because of our extension. This year we're back. But we are Bigger, Better, Cooler.
Ice Cubes is our yearly event with nice holds, beautiful boulders, spectacular finals and of course a big cocktail party.

For your that means: During the day hard bouldering on 45 of the most beautiful boulders, and in the evening watching a beautiful final while sipping a cocktail.

Adult comp on Saturday, separate youth contest on Sunday.

2016 Ice CUbes Both banner


  • Adult Comp on Saturday, Youth comp on Sunday
  • 45 problems, quality, not quantity.
  • Level 4 - 7c (More then half of the problems will be 6A or easier)
  • Spectaculair Finals
  • Food and drinks
  • Big cocktailparty

Foto Ice CUbes Stickers S

The routesetters will set 45 of the best problems.

All the walls will be stripped of all other holds. We will have lots of volumes and the best holds of Wataaah, Morpho and Axis to work with. We will "only" have 45 problems but these will be of the highest quality. To help you send your projects we will have the cleaning equipment of GoodGrip.

The event will conclude with a cocktail party and a spectacular final where the best climbers will "show" what they're made of.

Youth competition on sunday
There will be a seperate youth competition on Sunday.

The youth comp will feature an additional 20 problems that are tailored to the specific abilities, strength and length of the climbers. There will not be a seperate youth final.

Participation is possible for evryone born between 2001 and 2012. For the Youth A and Youth B, you can choose wether you want to compete on Saturday in the adults comp or on Sunday in the youth comp.

We will have 4 youth categories: Boys youth DEF (born 2007-2012), Girls youth DEF, Boys youth ABC (born 2001-2006) and Girls youth ABC.  

Participation is possible for all ages (age 6 and up).

Entrance fee for saturday is € 17,- ; Cube members pay €15,-
Entrance fee for sunday (youth) €10,-

Dinner arrangements are super! Opposite the Cube is the "Twentsche Foodhal". with 9 kitchens to choose from you will have lots of opportunities to pick a snack or dinner if you want. We're in the process of aranging a special climbers supper. More info when we've arranged the details.

Best place to stay will be the campsite "Twentse Es" It's a 10 minute drive from the gym. Costs are about € 7,- per person.

It is also possible to sleep in the gym or at the paved area in front of the gym. We could also hook you up with some locals with a spare room. Let us know beforehand and we will make the neccesary arrangements.


Please register before June 17th so that we can guarantee a shirt.

Program Saturday June 25th
Adult Competition (Born in 2004 or earlier)

10:00 Gym Open
12:00 Start Competition
18:00 End Qualification
13:00 - 21:00 Foodtruckfestival
19:00 Finals
21:00 Result & Award Ceremony
Cocktail party

Program Sunday June 26st
Youth Competition (born in 2001 through 2012)

11:30 Gym Open
12:00 Start Competition
16:00 End Qualification
17:00 Result & Award Ceremony
13:00 - 21:00 Foodtruckfestival

Cube Bouldergym, Enschede

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ICE CUBES 2018 is made possible by Wataaah, MorphoAxisMad Rock and Nihil Climbing


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