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In the May vacation we will organise a trip to boulder outside, to the magic forest itself: Fontainebleau. With literally thousands of blocs spread around the forest this is the most beautiful place to get lost and climb.

There will be a mix of experienced and new boulderers so an ideal moment for your first bouldertrip outside.

We'll sleep at the campsite Ile de Boulancourt. We've already reserved the campsite. We camp on the bivouac field. A slightly longer walk to the toilets but each night a campfire!

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Cube Crash Pads

Just in time for our Bleau trip the Cube Crah Pad action. A fantastic crashpad in the Cube colors and the Cube logo, similair to the Mad Pad by Mad Rock. Limited edition.

Only available as pre-registration before 25th februari.

Normal Price: € 169, Pre order for our customers: €139

The pads will be available before april 28th.

Please use the registration form at the Cube

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Saturday april 30th until sunday may 8th

Offcourse you can also go part of this week. e.g. only the weekend of "Hemelvaart" thursday may 5th until sunday may 8th



Please register as soon as possible. Use the registration form at the Cube.

Use this facebook event to make appointments about travel arrengments, tents etc.


What will you need??

Camping equipment: Tent, sleeping bag, mattress, cooking equipment, etc.

For the bouldering: your climbing shoes and chalckbag. Besides that:

  • A crashpad so you can fall safe. a crashpad can be shared but as a bare minimum you need 1 pad for a problem, generally 1 pad per person is very confenient
  • A small mat to clean your shoes before you step on the crash pad
  • A bouldering brush
  • A firm cloth to clean the rock of any sand
  • You might also want to have your own bouldering topo. the best and most complete is the 5+6 topo's by Bart van Raaij, for sale at the Cube.



You'll have to provide your own transportation in consultation with the other participants. You'll need a car there.



All costst will be split together. Indication: Gas € 200 euro & Peage € 40 for each car. Camping: € 8 per person per night, Food&drinks


Additional info

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