Donderdag 14 januari

This weekend is our big comp weekend.

3 events in 3 days.

Cubism 2019.01
We start on friday with an event for our locals: cubism.
Extra big, extra roomy and set by Team Germany: Manuel WiegelTobi Reichert and Tobi Wählen.

Don't miss it, take a rest day on thursday, and take another rest day on saturday.

Jeugd JAB
On saturday we host the second round of the national youth championships. We are closed for the day but you can stop by and watch the youth perform

Jeugd CDE
On sunday we finish of the weekend with the youngest youth. Around 15:00 they will be finished.
From 16:00 you can try all the boulders of the whole weekend.

In the days before the comp some walls will be unavailable to climbing.

Wednesday 13th - Front side of the whole cube block closed. 90% of the facility available
Thursday 14th - front of Cube + roof + "waaier" + hollow wall closed. 60% of the facility available.
Friday 15th: As thursday + Cubism starts at 19:00 with 25 new boulders
Saturday 16th: closed 
Sunday 17th: closed until 16:00 with about 50 new boulders

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